Our story

In early 2009, I started looking for a better way to get the right soap, as I have very sensitive skin, and many of the common soaps dried out my skin, or worse, caused a rash to develop. The few soaps that I could use, I couldn’t always find. One option that really appealed to me was making the soap myself, because I love making things from scratch, and I take pride in being able to create something that is perfect for me.

So I started doing research, buying books on soapmaking, learning the differences and preferences between soaps. After my extensive searching, I decided that it was worth a shot, and started making handmade soap from scratch.

For the next few years, I explored the many methods of making homemade soap, refining and adapting recipes, ingredients and fragrances, making soap using hot process, cold process, soap with goat’s milk, soap without, soap with this brand of fragrance vs soap with that brand of fragrance, this kind of oil vs that kind of oil, so on and so forth.

Once I had a method I liked, I stuck with it and started only making it that way, tweaking the recipe when necessary, adjusting the curing process, turning a good soap into a better soap as often as I could.

Soon enough, I was using only my soap, and was very comfortable with it, as well as everyone else in the house. We even started giving it away to friends, family and neighbors during holidays and such. Shortly after they came back for more saying, “This is amazing, you should sell this!” I was very reluctant to try to sell my soap because it’s good enough for me, but is it really good enough to sell? After serious consideration, I decided that it was worth a try. So for the next few years I started making a wider variety of flavors, tweaking, refining and perfecting each flavor uniquely, while also learning and figuring out how best to sell my soap. I knew how I wanted my soap to be seen and I wanted everything to be as close to perfect as I could before trying to sell it.

It wasn’t until mid-October, 2018 that I was ready to take a chance and become a vendor at my first craft show. Since then I have learned many things that have helped both my marketing and products, which are both improving daily. I firmly believe in Quality over Quantity, and every day I work to make what I offer as great as it can be, and to further my skill in the art of my craft.



Jennifer Sagli


Waterlily Soap